Financial Literacy - Fibre Federal Free Program from Teach Banzai

In my junk mailbox at work came a sample booklet from Fibre Federal from Teach Banzai for a financial literacy booklet.  The booklet is tied closely with an online game where students work through scenarios with different jars of money then are placed in a game where they make all the financial decision.

My thoughts were this would be great for a math support class. My 7th graders and students in general struggle with finances and understanding credit, debit, and savings. I figured this would be a perfect activity to end the year post state testing.

We'll it's began...The comments in the class have been an eye opener for students and mildly comical for myself. I would've never thought they would be this into the budgets.  Celebrating when they hear we get to work on it, and opting for it over math hoops. Comments flood the classroom like "$400 dollars for rent, I am never paying that", "Geez I'm never going to be able to do this when I am an adult"  "And dang it I should've bought renters insurance"

Overall the program was great, in fact the students liked it so much that I requested to have the representative come in and speak with the kids. She filled the whole fifty minute class period and in fact ran out of time. She had games that were candy based that kept students engaged.  She also brought treats which always wins the hearts of students, but overall the students thought this presentation was one of the best things in math this year.

If anything I hope this will make them more aware as young adults to the importance of money and how to spend and save, and help them be financially savvy!

Lastly, the program is sponsored by credit unions, but published by "Teach Banzai" - it contains not only the curriculum we used, but a video series called bizkids - financial literacy videos, similar to Bill Nye, that are available for checkout.  In the future I hope to use it as a filler for when I have a substitute in the classroom something easy, yet practical that the students can use forever.


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