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OSU Trip

After a lengthy bus ride to and from Oregon State, it turns out the field trip was a success. OSU did an excellent job of matching the students with all women students in science/engineering undergraduate, female graduate students, and female professors. They also did a great job of keeping it go go go.  I think we had a total of 3 minutes to eat lunch.

The students got to participate in 3 activities. The first activity was determining if chemicals were toxic on plants, this went so-so. Some students liked it, but initially they were very quiet as this was their first activity and they gradually warmed up throughout the day to asking questions and speaking out. The 2nd activity was the tidal wave center. The students loved this. They learned about Tidal Waves and Tsunamis. They also got to watch the simulator run large and small waves with and without wind.  The third activity though was their absolute favorite. Students worked with Team Tox and extracted DNA from a strawberry. This w…

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