2014 Highlights and Lowlights

As 2014 comes to a close many people create a top 10 list etc; however, I see my year more as a Sept. - June with a Summer.   Below are 15 highlights and lowlights of my year in no particular order:

- Running to the Top of Vail Mountain while overcoming a serious stomach virus
- Doing a cable TV interview with a local news station for students winning a state competition despite my protest that the principal should do it; the kids did great for their part in the interview though! (The news guy was an a**hole)
-  Speaking at the NW Math Conference
- Having a mental break down on a running trip and feeling so alone; yet somewhere finding it, after some self talk and realizing that nobody was going to help me or care, to keep going despite having no gas left in the tank (Note: that was the farthest I've ever ran in my life!)
- Making a 2,000 mile college road trip in just over 24 hours to see EWU, GU, and WSU
- Running the 17 mile Crownzellerbach trail only to have my ride lost and to get back to the start from Oregon State Police - The fish and game trooper happened to be driving by
- Living in the "dead zone" of all communications on Dixie Mtn with John and Kristin - They maybe the only people who truly believe me when I say my bedtime is 8pm (Thank you guys!)
- Being able to spend weekends with my mom and not having to drive 7 hours to do so!
- Having some students kick serious state butt on math testing and go from 50% ish to +80% passing.
- Standing at the train tracks with 30mph winds and diagonal rain after 8+ miles waiting for 30 minutes for the train to pass
- Having a pretty awesome running buddy in St. Helens who held me accountable for some long runs and for running with the Red Lizards whose lazy pace was my fast pace
- Learning to Try to Row
- Being grandparentless
- Moving into a house with an A+ Garden (something to strive for in 2015 - replant and maintain)
- Getting hit in the head playing indoor soccer


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