Music Notes and Mr. QUE and Mr.D

Over the last several years I have used Music Notes math rap songs as entries to new topics.  The words flash across the screen and they are pretty catchy with music videos.   This grass roots rap artist/ educator has managed to turn it into a full time gig, and it's great.

This year I had the opportunity to speak with him and his producer at the math conference. By the end of it I was able to convince the principal to pay for a Skype concert. The Skype concerts are pretty reasonable for the price and what you get; about $50, includes four songs and question and answer session with the kids lasting approx. 30 minutes. It was
the best part of the math year for 90% of the students; the other 10% were to cool for school attitude kids.

This first of it's kind concert took place in my classroom with the entire 6th grade squishing together for a live show.  Many students had never been to a concert and they loved it.  It was such a success, the principal has agreed to pay for 2 Skype concerts for the 2015-2016 school year. These will be primarily for 6th grade with the idea of a concert in October followed with one at the end of the testing season in May.

Below is a picture from the concert and one of his more recent inspirational videos.


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