Saying Goodbye to Summer

While it is only July 23rd Summer is already nearly half way over. With that comes the back to school savings at all the big box stores. As a teacher I try to grab a handful of things while they are on super sale to stock up for the year. Thus the goal is each time I go grocery shopping to grab a couple things of pencils, notebooks, pens, scissors, etc.   The box in the house to hold all of these things is growing, but at least I'll have it while it is inexpensive.  (Grid Composition Notebooks were .49 cents last week at Fred Meyers!!!)

Since the begging of summer I have also managed to write year long plans for 2/3 classes. 6th Grade General Math and 7th Grade SPED math are both complete. I only have 6th Grade Outdoor Ed to finish which I have a solid start on with also some strong networking of community partnerships started which include "My DIRT park" and SOU to name a few of some of the local opportunities.

As I begin to plan things out my ideas list continues to grow and the to do list seems to get longer.  Below is an outline of things I want to accomplish prior to the start of the school year (Remember I will be in a new classroom "the basement" with a odd layout a few cubby rooms and whiteboard table tops):

1)  Create a Proficiency Bulletin Board to Sign when finished with a Given Set of Standards
2) Create a "Creation Space" consisting of Lego Build Set either on the wall or table top, Checkers, Chess, Card Games
3) Create a set of math vocabulary posters to hang
4) Create entry card/bellringer/warm up rings for each 7th SPED Math student
5) Use a cover sheet prior to every test for 7th Grade SPED Math and evaluate it post every test (I've attempted this before, but it was very time consuming and at the time I was still trying to figure out the whole teaching thing)
6) Print out all homework sheets for the entire 1st Trimester
7) Decorate and figure out a layout for the "odd" room


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