Bring Google Edu. Tours to Oregon and Northern California

Google has introduced a new virtual field trip kit that consists of one of those old school screen viewers kids use to use that clicked through different images. Like the image below.
Image result for kid screen picture viewer

Google's newest twist is it links to images and google earth offering a virtual tour through a cardboard box and a smart phone.
Image result for google expeditions

Well it is in testing mode and states that have been offered free kits to try include a handful in New England, Texas, and California to name a few.

Google wants to do a second round of trials, but is looking for states that are interested. To bring it to Oregon and have the chance to get these for free in your classroom go to the link below and fill out the interest form. The more interest from Oregon the stronger likely hood it ends up here too!

Here is a link about the program from the NY Times and below that is the link to the Google page to sign up.


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