Last week Friday was the deadline for a massive ODE grant. This grant is the support system for Oregon school districts adding blended learning classrooms. This would be a combination for Online and Classroom learning with targeting certain kids into this class. It's as close as I can get to the idea of a zero period instantly with money available.

Basically if the grant goes through I'd be looking at teaching a middle school online math class. While I realize this is going to be a ton of work as it could include 5th - 8th grade students, but with individualized learning. The zero period aspect would be students having the ability to attend once a week in a "math lab" like class where they could ask questions, work on applying concepts, and tackling the mathematical practices of CCSS.

The online portion I plan to base through Google Classroom as a web host, and the grant funds money to purchase student programs. We have budgeted money for Ten Marks and ST Math both fundamentally different programs. Ten Marks is a large program with videos, assessments, and homework patterns.  ST Math has a strong focus on "understanding" why math works.  Using Google Classrooms will give me the basis to assign additional webpages and videos, and then there is also a plan to use Khan Academy for some more rote style practice though this webpage is growing exponentially for what it is and the price.

We should know by the end of the school year if we receive the funds, and if so it's going to be off to the races to design and setup the lessons and curriculum.  In addition, I will be taking the Adv. Math ORELA so I will be certified to give HS credit and it will open the doors to many more opportunities within the math curriculum.

Anyways that is a short update as I've been busy with multi day field trips, house hunting, puppy, and still trying to get my long runs in.


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