Warm Ups

At the beginning of 3rd trimester I recently switched my warm ups in 3 of my 4 math classes. I modeled it after Algebrainiac (https://algebrainiac.wordpress.com/)after watching a Global Math Department Session.

So far I have been impressed. Monday's estimation 180 have made me use it daily. The students now almost at 12 weeks worth of Monday's are using more common sense. After estimating how many people could fit in an eleveator yesterday we had closer ranges on high's and low's and better reasoning beyond because I guessed. We had students discussing how much of the floor tile the one person took up or how much space they represented in comparison to the wall panels.  It was impressive. Tuesday's we still struggle with Fraction Talks but 1/3 of students can now translate a fraction to a decimal to a percent. The hardest part I see with Tuesday's is students copying down the sketch well enough to create equal pieces to compare.  Wednesday are What We've Been Learning, Thursday's are Throwback, and Friday is Future and Find the Flub. Next year I would like to utilize my phone camera more and take more pictures of students working errors to use in the following weeks.

The biggest hurdle for me with the new warm up has been dealing with the increase in 75  papers weekly. I think next year I am going to place 12 weeks of warm ups in a peachy folder for each student. Then will roll a dice if it's even I'll grade them for the week and if it's odd I won't. I also believe I wil give an end of trimester grade for their folder; perhaps one point per completed page.

Overall it has held students more accountable and given all students a chance to be successful on at least one or two days of the week.


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