Girls in STEM a Novel Idea

It's been a few weeks since our fall conferences. One of the things without leveled classes or accelerating students in math is how do we offer them projects/tasks/concepts, etc at a level that they can continue to grow and  deeply explore mathematics.

A Desmos lesson on integers helped (I love the classroom activities of  this program and I wish they'd develop more for the younger ages), challenge worksheets from Oregon Focus though not ideal can help, but overall I was thinking we need to do something for this group. This year and last I had a wonderful group of young ladies who excelled in math/science living in southern Oregon at a school considered rural these students may never be introduced to possible careers. These students are also not in our avid program because they excel.

In my mind I'd envisioned a huge STEM expo for both genders at lets say the Portland Convention center, where major corporations and colleges have booths for the students to explore and students could sign up for breakout sessions to attend on coding, lego robotics, medical stuff, etc.  It made perfect sense to me; corporations have money set aside for this type of stuff are interested in investing in education, and it'd take 1 maybe 2 day's to hold a convention.

Well news flash this doesn't exist. So I challenge someone to form a non profit and create this event in major metropolitan areas.

So instead 15 girls and myself will be heading to Oregon State to spend a day on campus in the areas of STEM. What this day looks like I am not sure yet, as it was rather last minute, but they are creating us a great schedule that may include the Tidal Wave Facility and the Sorority who focuses on STEM.


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