New Course

As the year begins I am embarking on planning, yet another new course.  Besides working in math, I have done this previously for Technology for 8th grade students. This year's course will be Outdoor Education for 6th graders.  It will be for most students an entire year long course (This was news to me recently, prior I had thought it was a trimester course).

While I have some ideas for the course and tons of ideas for field trips its hard finding the material to present for classroom lessons and behold I have none ready for active inspire or powerpoint. When I search to do what every clever educator does, "borrow material" I am left with a ton of stuff by boyscouts of America and a couple day to week long courses nowhere does a one year course for 6th grade in a public school exist! (If you know of one contact me asap).

So as a hash together materials one of the strongest pieces I have come about is a book called "Salmonberry to Sagebrush" or maybe it's Sagebrush to Salmonberry" either way it was made by a group of Oregon educators for high school students.  (Yes I know I teach middle school, but I am adapting) Many of the lessons are geared solely to the geographical region of Oregon. This has given me the most concrete lessons to use in the classroom including directions, goals of lesson, educators thoughts, expansions lessons, and worksheets.

As I have been working on planning this course below are some of the most helpful resources that have been free!

1. Oregon State University - Agriculture in the Classroom Program
2. Salmonberry to Sagebrush -
3. Lava Beds - Tulelake California Traveling Trunks
4. Grey's Harbor Historical Society - Sailing Education Program for Kids

Pictures to come .


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