Reading and Nook

To those who don't know I like to read, and now that I've finished my master's I've actually had time to leisure read. The only problem with me leisure reading is I can finish a book in a couple days. This has led to a costly book supply; however I will say I do read mostly on my nook so I am saving trees?

Last Christmas I received a Nook and I can't say enough good things about it. While I haven't tried the Kindle, it is the closest competitor, I tribute the Nook to my laptop lasting almost two years now! While I was finishing grad. school the ability to download pdf's, articles, and search the online directory's for scholarly articles greatly limited my laptop use saving the battery and wear on it. It also saved my eyes. It was so much easier to read on a Nook than with a laptop laying down (My laptop would heat up so quick because of the blankets covering the fan etc.)

The internet feature also makes it convenient to travel with. I take it to all my allergy shot appointments where I have to sit there for half hour. I search the internet, facebook, oregon live, and my email accounts before retreating to a book. Or perhaps the BEST feature is being able to sample a book first. Books I do not get hooked on in the sample I do not buy; this has saved me money on buying books I wouldn't have finished.

So since the nook, the month of October I have read the following:
(I was trying to get through a bunch of books that are soon to be movies)

Don't Go
If you Find Me
Reconstructing Amelia
The Fault in Our Stars
Big Girl Panties

That is approx. two books a week, but they are all leisure reading, many young adult, and don't require thinking or much to process.

So by the end of the Month of November my goal is to finish Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol. A book on inequalities in the school system. On a must read book for educators list. I'll update you as  I read on the status. (So far the sample is happy readings to all; find a book to enjoy during the holidays and cozy up next to the fire or on the couch with a mug of cocoa or tea : )  )

And because Amanda Posted this video on the day I was writing about being a women who reads:


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