To Go Electronic

About a month ago I read an article about an educators goal to go completely electronic.  This would mean having no binders of copies of originals etc.  Upon hearing this I thought dang this educator must be really organized, and I am not; I can't even find my stamps, IPOd, and check book that for some reason I think I put in the pantry, but can't find them there.  So for me this was something that seemed amazing! No more organizing binders, hole punching originals, searching the internet for that one paper you used last year that you got from the internet.

So to my avail from that moment I decided I will try it.  I have a Google account I use adamantly and after all I am the technology teacher shouldn't I be trying these lofty goals. So I quickly began organizing my Google Drive into folders upon folders.  Now there is a folder for almost every math topic. I chose topics as many are across grade levels and the worksheets are more basic or more difficult which could vary with the group of kids that I would be teaching. So far this has been successful. Here is a link to all the files. 

Overall I guess I will see how successful this is next year when I need to re-visit these pages for homework and practice sheets.


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