2013: Top 10 Educational Web Pages

Thinking back on 2013 I figured I would compile a top 10 webpages I found online that were most helpful for me as an educator. Some of these are quiet popular others not so much.  Some I found purely because I was teaching new topics that required more resources outside of the box.  Most of these webpages are directly tied to teaching.

Top 10 in no Particular Order:
1. http://www.edudemic.com/  - Connecting Education and Technology - A Basic feed on technology and education. A go to for the basics. Designed for easy reads and teachers with even the most limited knowledge of technology.

2. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ - A media portal for teachers and students. Contains video reviews, app reviews, videos, books, and what I find most interesting info. on digital citizenship.  Teaching technology this webpage is by far the best with resources for teaching digital citizenship.  It's on the cutting edge of providing teachers with resources in areas often overlooked.

3. http://shawncornally.com/wordpress/ - All questions and debates answered by Shawn Cornally on Standards Based Grading. I have never heard him speak, but his material and ideology is similar to Myron Dueck.  His info. is great in presenting to individuals who have not "bought in" to SBG/PBL. He also has taken it one step further and implemented a school called BIG.

4.http://georgecouros.ca/blog/ - A administrator who is willing to attempt change on a large scale.  Info on how he has changed his district to supporting BYOD. He is also a big proponent of teaching responsibility with device and teaching students to support the use of the technology for school. If they use it for school and can learn how it is important; it is better than them texting under the desk with nothing to do about school.

5.  http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/ - A guaranteed website that provides links daily, he never misses a day.  Some are hit and miss and less educational, but the amount of good ones makes me check daily as well.

6.  http://www.teachforever.com/ - A less frequent updated blog, but the posts are usually on controversial topics in education and well thought out.

7. http://the21stcenturyprincipal.blogspot.com/ - A must read for administrators, and a hopeful site for teachers.  This principal hits on many topics that infuriate teachers. It includes everything from PBL, Merit Based Pay, Technology, etc.  If you've heard any discussions in edu you can find more info. on this blog.

8. http://www.mangahigh.com/en-us/ - This ones for the kids. All of my math support students have accounts.  The students play nearly once a week on topics selected.  Rarely do they actually get to the games, but they enjoy seeing themselves improve and comparing themselves to each other and my score. The questions move up and down based on how well they do and it's aligned by standard on my end.

9. http://mathsnacks.com/ - Another one for the kids. This site I rarely see shared. It provides funny videos for students with accompanying worksheets. It's not large, but includes lots of information on ratios and rates for 5th-7th grade students. It is also great for substitutes because it is highly structured.

10.  http://www.mathmovesu.com/#/home - Another less frequent site. This is equivalent to modern day math blaster for free. Many educational puzzling games aligned to NCTM. Students pick and decorate a character, many choose the hotdog, dance across the screen and play baseball, fashion shopping, etc. while math information is thrown in occasionally. (Note: They also have a worksheet series, many are hit and miss, but it does have a few good ones)


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