PBL Grading Conference

Some of the most valuable take aways from the PBL Grading conferences sponsored by Pearson included the two things listed below:


This form came from an entire sheet setup for a college class. What I liked about it was the applicability of it to be used with students in the middle grades with their parents as part of a pre-requirement for a proficiency re-take. Here students would list the question number in math, what the target was, what their response was and why they choose it, then how to get the correct answer. (COL - Celebration of Learning . aka test)

For example if this was in math Question 2, Target: Combine like Terms, I thought 2x + 6 because I took -3x - 5x and miss calculated them.  I forgot the sign in front of the five was subtraction.  
-8x+6 is a better answer because -3-5= -3+-5= -8.

This sheet will also help me when I work in large groups keeping students on task with the next problem they missed. Typically I have anywhere between 5-10 students working on revising a test so they can re-test later. As would be expected rarely do they all miss the same problem. This would help them target their errors. It also could become a valuable tracking sheet in alignment with the how the tests are written by standard. 

2.  I do not have a copy of this article yet, but Myron Deuck presented an organizer for late work.  He was in the process of piloting it with his schools.  Since homework is not a standard it went into a behavioral component of the report card (As would be expected with Standards Based Grading). The teachers struggled with late work since it didn't affect their grade directly on knowledge. Students then had to fill out this sheet that stated why it was late. He admitted it didn't register huge reflective responses. They were more like "I left it in my binder and I should've turned it in.", but so far it had been successful with students turning work in less late. I may try this eventually, I would then just tape what I was excepting not late above the turn in box, and everything else would need the cover sheet. If I didn't get the cover sheet then I would put it in the return/recycle basket.  So maybe 3rd quarter I will give this a try.


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