Education The Five Year Lag

While a trip to my last known residence was much needed I realized how much I miss the town and the people. The quaintness and slowness of the pace. The ability to live reasonably in the city, yet still feel like I was in a neighborhood within walking distance to all the little shops/restaurants and the farmers market for fresh produce...well honestly I only bought pies!

It was a job setting and a want to be closer to family that drove me away, a knowing that staying where I was would lead me out of teaching due to stress and test score pressures, but leaving I now know, I miss the town and it's people. Sure a big city like I am now has tons of perks. I love the school, my schedule, the staff. I am probably running better than I ever have in my life thanks to running clubs in the area, but there is always the but everything I mentioned above rings true calling me back.

When thinking about this I realized, I have more free time than ever partially because I am not enrolled in school simultaneously while working. When was the last time that happened ? Since graduating high school in 2006, I have been enrolled in some form of higher ed until now. So approximately 8 years. Of those 8 years the only terms I took off were Fall of 2010 (My first year teaching full time), and Summer and Fall of 2011 (My transition to a Masters Program). (Yes I attended summer school every year, but 2011 - It was always cheaper no out of state tuition; ultimate nerd status....and yes I have lots and lots of credits and it cost a hefty sum)

So with that I wonder will I fall behind in the trends? I will be attending a grading conference tomorrow and Friday. Presenting is an excellent speaker who I watched speak four years ago.  Another presenter is a man whose book we had to buy as part of my undergraduate degree program. So will their presentation's be the same stuff as what colleges were presenting years ago or will it be new and invigorating?

My guess is public education is behind the curve by approximately five years, and these individuals will be reiterating what college professors taught to me then. Lucky for me, one of them is an excellent public speaker, and I truthfully can't wait!

With that; is what they are learning in school now what I will see in a conference in five years?


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