Musings or Ponderings for the Week

A brief list on some recent musings or pondering's:

- Word Searches .... Why in middle school are we doing these, besides as a time occupier.  Why would this ever be homework.

- There is a deficit in teachings to understand complexities of test questions. The ability to determine what is good, ok, or poor and how they align to standards.  Perhaps this is linked to the understanding or time spent considering blooms taxonomy.

- In a proficiency model schools are going to have to think "out of the box" to allow for time to re-teach/re-learn and then re-assess.

- TOSA positions (Teachers on Special Assignment) and Curriculum Directors need different requirements when job requirements are listed. Teachers are taking TOSA spots for pay raises/work more days and are not qualified or truly interested in what is required in the assignment. Recently looking at curriculum director requirement it listed must have a Admin license and Experience as an Admin.  I am still not sure on how these are related to the ability to help curriculum/teachings in the school.  (In fact how is someone that teaches Social Studies or English in any position to determine Math RTI programs/books etc. and vice versa)

- Which leads to this ...schools spend a fair amount of money on programs teachers don't support or use correctly, or settle for less when there is better on the market. (Some of this isn't directly schools fault as it is related to numerous other parts, but still something to ponder)

And I will end with this video...It starts about 2 minutes in, but asks some serious questions on what teachers are assigning at home, whose doing the work, and why it's assigned.


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