Students Go Big

As a project for technology I had students participate in the Verizon App. Challenge. I didn't expect students to win, but found the contest as a way for students to work in teams, learn to use shared documents on Google Docs, edit a video online, and format and improve typing/document skills through writing an essay.  The contest put a twist on what students would normally find boring, but also taught them responsibilities of deadlines and working in groups to achieve a common goal.  I gave them very little directions besides some basic descriptions, a time frame, etc.

The students worked for about a week and a half to create an idea of an app.  It was obvious they had spent little time in a group setting as such with a goal to complete that was so involved, but most groups persevered. Submitting the apps in the Verizon contest the students got to watch me press the submit button for their group finalizing that I had everything linked to the right students they were impressed and excited just to be entering.

Over a month later I received an email stating one of the groups had one best in state. I couldn't believe that they'd actually one. I often wonder how many schools at the middle school level entered in Oregon. If anything their were three from our school. The students were shocked then excited by the win, and then came the media over load! It was good for the students and they enjoyed the attention, but next time I have to remember that entering contests could be fun, but the students may actually win and then you have to deal with the after mess (I typically like to hide under the radar, but this was nearly impossible to do with this as it seemed that the district was more than willing to encourage the positive press).  Anyway the news crews came out and below is the interview of the students and I am sure they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

The whole video can be found here


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