Versal Goes Live

It has been about two weeks since my versal course has gone live. This course is an open platform for hosting the content of my middle school 8th grade technology course. The course itself could be easily adapted to work for grades 5-9.

On the versal site students have access to all the projects of the course. Most of the projects are linked to outside websites. All projects also include directions and grading rubrics.

What I think so far....

So far this has been working very well for students. When they ask questions I direct them back to the grading rubrics and directions on versal.  Most importantly I think it is teaching them that they, the students, have to read directions. Asking me what do I need, or is this what you want and always expecting an answer is a learning curve. They seldom like my response of check versal the directions and rubrics are on there. Perhaps as teachers we coddle these older students to much answering mundane questions that they themselves should be finding.

Besides that I am loving the course live on versal. It's been an easy breeze, the only downfall so far has been students forgetting passwords and having to reset them on the chromebooks with district email that blocks content.

Here is a screenshot of the course and a link to the versal course.


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