Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Yes I teach 6th grade. Yes I always have to review all possible knowledge of fractions.
Current topic of review: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Mixed Numbers

When I teach adding and subtracting mixed numbers, I have students stack the problem vertically just as if it was any other addition or subtraction problem. I am amazed at how few students have learned to add/subtract fractions in this method.  Most students learn just by changing the fractions to improper then finding common denominators.  Below is an example of how I would teach adding fractions vertically:

What I like about this method is it relates to all previous learning's they have had with adding and subtracting.  It requires students to carry, borrow, re-group and think about place value positions.

Next time I teach these fractions ,I would love to have enough manipulatives to show each spot relating the fraction to a decimal and the wholes to a place value over. Hopefully I get the grant I submitted and if not I need to start getting my stuff posted on Donors Choose as I have heard of a local business who is required to give out money this month towards a project with a customer in GP.  That could be me!!!


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