Development and My Gripe

I recently attended the NW Math Conference.  It's a huge conference comprised predominately of the states Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and then the NW portion of Canada.  Of course there are others who also attend.

I love to attend these because I love to interact with those whose blogs I read, ideas I have tried, and occasionally hear something new; however, (here comes the gripe) it frustrates me that people see them as the be all of professional development.

For example  "I am so excited I get to go to the conference because  (Insert Name)  is speaking."

What is frustrating about this is that any large draw presenter has a twitter, blog, Facebook, etc way of presenting their current musings in education. Many times you can read and get the general idea of what is being presented based on what they are currently researching/discussing in education.

I recently received an email expressing how great Dan Myers 3 Act Math Series is.  Now I have used a few of them in my classroom and included one in my presentation at NW Math.  But what bothered me is it was discussed as if it was a new thing.  It isn't!  He's had his acts published online since at least 2012!

This just brings me straight to the fact that individuals who are in educational coaching positions and curriculum development positions need to be qualified in the content they are delivering AND teachers need to stay current in education by reading/perusing!

- Alright enough griping for now...


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