Middle School and Holidays

In my classroom I have very few make up work days, non math activities, and for the most part the kids stay busy.  On holidays it is easy for teachers to forget that middle school students are actually still young kids and enjoy kid activities such as cartoons and coloring. (I know what standard is that ...)

On holidays I try to give students a day of relaxing activities.  Most of the time it ends up being a coordinate graphing activity with a cartoon playing at the same time. Many students watch TV/Listen to Music while they are doing HW anyway; so I find this a great time for students to practice graphing without causing chaos. Surprisingly if you don't teach middle school this can be a tedious activity of not finding the X coordinate first or not being able to determine where 6.5 is on the number line.

The funny thing is they get so excited about being able to just watch Spooky Shrek and graph out a mystery picture which happened to be a Ghost or Witch on a Broomstick.

If I was super organized and liked spending my own money, I'd have bought a pumpkin cutting it open each class period to calculate the number of seeds, weight, etc.  but in reality it is end of October and I like the kids like a calm quiet classroom with just a movie going and me checking in with each of them as they graph.

The graphing took place in my 7th grade course and math support.
My 6th graders got to play Math Hoops! One of their favorite games that we play about 1 a month.


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